Civil War history lesson…

“Both parties deprecated war but one of them would make war rather than let the nation survive, and the other would accept war rather than let it perish,” he said. 

“And the war came.”

… are we in a moment where history repeats itself?…

Did you know? That the iPhone photo app automatically identifies plants and flowers? Not people though.

Moth orchid photograph with information about date and camera used below.

“Gravity is the root of lightness; stillness, the ruler of movement.”

— Tao Te Ching (Coterie Classics) by Lao Tzu a.co/6GY2HoF

… in yoga, there is grounding, out of which grows the lightness of a pose, and the stillness between poses out of which a new pose materializes…

Hmmm… $10 bag of potato chips… imported from Spain… i asked what distinguishes them… they’re from Spain, cooked in Spanish olive oil… i am tempted… but decide not to… but only because i will eat the whole bag in one sitting if i open it…

One more colander view, this one near 93% totality, which is as good as it gets where we are. I was able to get a set of interval shots with my Nikon.

Eclipse projected onto a white background through the holes of a colander. Eclipse is close to totality.

The colander view…

Eclipse viewed through a colander projection on a white surface. Eclipse about half way to totality. An image projected in the circular radial pattern of the colander.

Eclipse viewing and recording supplies…

iPhone with lens filter, eclipse glasses, colander and whiteboard for multiple pinhole camera effect.

April 7, 2024 (Sunday) - by Heather Cox Richardson

… the struggle over the use of public lands continues, and now the Republicans are standing on the opposite side from their position of a century ago. Project 2025, the blueprint for a second Trump presidency, demands significant increases in drilling for oil and gas. … But it takes that advice even further.

It says a second Trump administration “must seek repeal of the Antiquities Act of 1906.”

Inspired by Guido Guidi’s book, Lunario, I made these images today while thinking about the solar eclipse that will happen later today. It will be about 93% total for us. Will try to get some pictures to share…

Circle of light colored concrete in concrete sidewalk, with concrete curb running from 1/3 in from the right corner to the lower right corner.

3/4 of the circular patch in concrete sidewalk rising out of the lower right corner in a rectangular frame.

3/4 of circular patch in concrete sidewalk dropping down from upper left corner of rectangular frame.

Circular bank vault door and opening shot past window frame and showing part of a large window above the vault.

Painted dashed markings on asphalt road surface indicating where sewer piping runs from a manhole cover in the upper right corner.

Circular utility pipe cover in concrete sidewalk. Cover has three concentric circles and is vertically centered and approximately 2/5 over from the right of a rectangular frame.

Three small circular patches in a row dropping in a slight arc from the top of the vertically oriented rectangular frame.

Two belts coiled in tight circles, with silver circular buckles. The one on the left is propped up by the one on the right.

My monthly Studio MBK newsletter. This month I write a few words about Gudio Guidi’s book Lunario in anticipation of the eclipse.

Clouds illusions…

Reflected clouds and buildings overlay interior lights and window opening through a shop window.

April 3, 2024 - by Heather Cox Richardson

I am more and more confident that Biden will win the election outright. I am also more and more concerned about what he and MAGAs will do to overthrow the government. 45 is increasingly desperate. MAGA’s are passionately perusing Gilead. This is the moment in time where they will or wont succeed.

While Trump is hedging about his stance on abortion–after bragging repeatedly that he was the person responsible for overturning Roe v. Wade–MAGA Republicans have made their unpopular abortion stance even stronger..

I am often grateful for the detritus of the previous day of human activity…

Disintegrating newsprint coupon circular on wet concrete pavement

After Low Attendance, Whitney Biennial Releases Open Call for “Controversial” Artwork

Posted on the museum’s Instagram page yesterday, March 31, the call explained that an unspecified “dwindling number of biennial attendees” indicated “an urgent need for measured controversy, neither too inflammatory nor too trite.”

… hummm… what a flaccid way to do a call for entry… seems unlikely that the results will save the day…

March 31, 2024 - by Heather Cox Richardson

A good remembrance of Ruth Bader Ginsberg…

March 29, 2024 - by Heather Cox Richardson

The attempt to create a false reality–whether by foreign operatives or homegrown ones–seems increasingly obvious in perceptions of the 2024 election. There has been much chatter, for example, about polls showing Trump ahead of Biden. But the 2022 polls were badly skewed rightward by partisan actors, and Democrat Marilyn Lands’s overwhelming victory over her Republican opponent in an Alabama House election this week suggests those errors have not yet been fully addressed.

… wow, the full throttle response of the MSNBC on air personalities to the NBC hiring of Ronna McDaniels has been breathtaking…

This is why it’s seriously possible 45 will become 47. It’s like discussing the weather while the house is burning down. It normalizes what is beyond abnormal.

Enjoying making these hallway photographs at my moms’s assisted living facility. Start of a series?

Curved inside corner in a hallway with potted plant in middle of curve, edge of a fire door to the right, sharp outside corner on the left, green EXIT sign at the top left of the frame.

From yesterday…

Exterior wall of a building with french doors on the left side to about the middle of the frame and wall and columns on the right side. The space behind the french doors is illuminated and there is an empty wheelchair. On the right side there is a garden chair and planter. There is a shadow line cast on the wall about halfway up from the bottom of the frame.

Neon sign depicting a martini glass with olive and the word “Cocktails” written across the stem slanted up from left to right. Indoor plants are the background.

Illuminated sign on the side of a grocery store saying “town & country.”

March 20, 2024 (Wednesday) - by Heather Cox Richardson

This sent chills down my spine…

Today the Institute for the Study of War, a nonpartisan, nonprofit research group, assessed that “[s]everal Russian financial, economic, and military indicators suggest that Russia is preparing for a large-scale conventional conflict with NATO, not imminently but likely on a shorter timeline than what some Western analysts have initially posited,” within a matter of years.

Walkway and canopy centered in the frame with garden and seating on the sides.

Air conditioning compressors in a concrete well behind a building, illuminated by security lighting.

Electric utility box, pole, illuminated by street lighting.

Signage for Eagle Harbor Waterfront Park surrounded by shopping cart and bicycles.

Park bench stair, building column and corner of building illuminated by security lighting from the building and on a pole near the bench.

Evergreen tree with circular shade security light. Security light illuminates the trunk and a branch of the tree.

Wood and steel park bench sitting on concrete with park landscaping behind. Illuminated by security lighting.

Landscape with foot bridge, fencing, utility buildings, illuminated by multiple security lights on posts.

Branch of a tree running from upper right to lower left of frame, water surface reflecting early morning sky can be seen through branches.

Chain link fence industrial shelving and utility building at top of steep bank illuminated by security lighting.

Line between water surface and bank curving from top right down to middle bottom of frame. Water reflects dawn sky, rocky bank visible at lower left, illuminated by security lighting.

Short steel beams painted orange lying in a pile on ground behind a chainlink fence.

Large plastic barrels marked salt arranged in 4 rows running from middle of horizontal frame towards the top left of the frame.

Fence railing running from upper right corner to bottom middle, concrete paving on right of fence and railing, landscaping on left.

An arc of 4 landscape lights embedded in concrete walk running from bottom left corner to upper left corner.

Illuminated display end wall of a museum building against the early morning sky. Exhibit displays and banners visible.

Vertical illuminated “Agate” restaurant signage against a building wall finished with horizontal wood boards.

Streetscape/landscape of car approach to Bainbridge Island Ferry. Puget Sound and mountains visible in the distance.

From 2024-03-18…

Elevator hall in a residential building.

Flowers on a tree illuminated by street lighting against a dark sky.

Branch of evergreen tree running from upper right to lower left. Early morning sky, trees and buildings silhouetted against it, in the background.

Parking garage entry with grid of square columns in the distance, fluorescent lighting on the ceiling. Garage is empty.

Stairway to parking garage below, illuminated by lighting from the parking garage.

Buildings against early morning sky photographed from courtyard between buildings.

Shadow selfie on concrete paving block grid.

Tree branches illuminated by street light above. Light source visible through branches.

Evergreen tree silhouetted against the morning sky.

Two evergreen trees with buildings below silhouetted against early morning sky.

Rectangle post light and aluminum grill walking surface below. Light post at top middle of frame.

Water surface reflecting dawn sky.

Small dingy boat moored to aluminum grid dock, water beyond.

Really like this photo I made this morning. It suggests much without saying it directly. One could write a short story out of this image.

Picture of outside of building. French doors to left. Wheel chair visible through the doors. A garden chair on the outside to the right. A shadow line cutting across scene from left to right.

From 2024-03-16…

Interior of coffee shop illuminated by table lamp and street lighting.

Composition of stair, cmu wall, chain and handrail illuminated by security lighting.

Bulletin board mounted on side of building with a circular shade pendant light illuminating it.

Concrete parking lot bumpers, one knocked askew. Bumpers at top of frame.

Streetscape, landscape with driveway between buildings illuminated by security lighting.

Conical shaped evergreen tree with van parked beyond visible beneath and on the right side. Tree is silhouetted against morning sky.

Landscape of shrubs and weeds with corner of building visible beyond on the upper left side. Building corner illuminated by security light.

Ladder, leaning against one story building, chair underneath, trash bin silhouetted in the foreground by building security light.

Paper drink cup with plastic top sitting on a stone surface, illuminated by artificial lighting from above.