From this mornings walk…

Verdant landscape with a medium fog. Grass in foreground. Stone wall and shrubs in middle ground. Trees and the roof of a house in the distance.

A dock and its reflection inn water moving from lower left to upper right of frame.

House on a point of land with large rocks on the embankment below and water in the foreground. A small fishing boat passes in the distance. Fog softens the light and scene.

pies of tires on a wooden dock with ropes draping down, against a concrete wall, water and docks and boat inn the distance on the left.

Docks, boats and buildings in middle distance. Water in the foreground. “Mobil” painted on the end of a white building.

Small motor boat on a wooden dock section on dry land. Bottom of boat and motor encrusted in mussels and other marine life.

Harbor-scape, wooden docks and pilings in foreground, boats and landscape in background. Water reflecting everything.

Boats and docks and pilings, water in foreground, houses and landscape in the distance.

Boats and docks and landscape and water.

A boat in dry dock, a piece and trees, in foreground. Water recedes to landscape and houses in the distance.

Good morning from Block Island. We had a nice fog this AM so I drove down to New Harbor for my photo walk. Have a beautiful day!

Early morning at New Harbor on Block Island. Fog softens the light, a house sits above water and stone covered embankment, a small fishing boat motors by in the distance.

May 20, 2024 - by Heather Cox Richardson

This one is a good read… full of quotes of Trump telling us who he is…

It is not clear to me how anyone can any longer deny that Trump is promising to destroy our democracy and usher in authoritarianism.

Loaded up and ready to go… 1 1/2 hours till departure. This is a whole new level of prepared. Now if the cat will come out from under the bed…

Well, basically all ready to leave on vacation tomorrow morning and it’s not middle of the night. We must be forgetting something big.

From today’s walk…

Close up of a pink peony flower.

Closeup of light purple iris flowers.

Closeup of window with closed vertical blinds and two pieces of tape stuck to the window casting shadows onto the blinds.

Closeup of pink and white foxglove blossoms.

Closeup of display of small multicolored toys in a shop window, among them a couple of trolls and an astronaut with a fracture visor.

Close up of a pink bust of a woman with green cats eye sunglasses decorated with flowers on the corners of the frame.

Spray bottles in a shop window. The wooden frame of a window screen in front of them. Reflections of the street overlaid.

So, tonight at a party I was in almost full feminine mode. Only lacking lipstick. An acquaintance said to me, “you have a different look,” to which I replied, “yes, I am exploring trans-feminine space.” I much prefer being asked about my changes to polite silence. Just saying.

Flirting with Disaster - by Mona Charen - The Bulwark

Those are the stakes. It is tragic and shameful that so many fail to see it.

Flirting with Disaster - by Mona Charen - The Bulwark

We are staring down the possibility of putting someone back in power who has demonstrated that he is willing to use informal violence to achieve his anti-democratic ends. He attempted a coup with a mob of enraged zealots. How tragically foolish must you be to give him the power to wield formal, state-sanctioned violence? Think the president hasn’t the power? Read the Insurrection Act.

I almost got hit by a car this morning. Someone turned left and was taking no prisoners. They just missed me. A woman witnessed it. She said I was in the right and that I was almost hit. I am shaken. I am wondering if I have experienced my first hate incidence, or was it just an idiot?

Feeling particularly beautiful today…

Trans feminine person with hair down to shoulders in gently coiling curls, orange pink lipstick, orange pink tropical scarf, dark colored thick frame glasses.

Happy Monday!

OMG, just watched first couple of episodes of Hacks season 3. What a balm for the soul!

This doesn’t happen too often, but boy am I depressed today. It’s been a strange week altogether. No patience for frustration of any kind. Not able to pin it on anything. Just a bad frame of mind, and an irritating run of days.

I have been reorganizing my self watering planter tanks so I can put more in. I have 4 dedicated to tomatoes, herbs and beans. I will install another 4 by end of next week. In the fall I am planning another 4.

A line of galvanized steel livestock tanks converted raised beds for a vegetable garden.

Last night we went to a Todd Rundgren concert. It’s got me thinking about listening to music live and playing it back through whatever device. At the concert I had an immersive experience. At home it’s mostly background noise.

I have given up on my Apple desktop computer. It’s so slow that it has become useless. It isn’t that old. Sure, it was a basic unit, but it won’t even run an internet browser without massive delays in loading pages.…

Really important post from Heather Cox Richardson. Practically copied the entire thing into my journal. Highly recommend reading this one.

Trump’s war on the Department of Justice over his attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election has already progressed into an attempt to delegitimize the results of the 2024 election, suggesting he does not believe he will win in a free and fair election.

That moment when you realize the Green Egg thermometer isn’t working and the brisket you thought had been cooking for hours hasn’t been cooking at allll and you need a plan B for feeding 8 dinner guests…

May 2, 2024 - by Heather Cox Richardson

This is very worth reading as an explanation of the complex political nature of campus unrest over Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Have I mentioned how much I love wearing lipstick? Of all the things I do to feel feminine, this is hands down the most potent. When I am not wearing lipstick, I miss it in a visceral way.

My wife is a huge Todd Rundgren fan, me, not so much. Making my wife happy, priceless!

Screenshot of concert ticket for Todd Rundgren show.

April 30, 2024 - by Heather Cox Richardson

Cortellessa writes that Trump intends to establish “an imperial presidency that would reshape America and its role in the world.”

That he can talk openly in this way and still be running neck and neck with Biden in the poles astonishes me.

All the thought and attention I am paying to my feminine look is inspiring the women close to me to be more thoughtful about their appearance too. I’ve seen this in my wife, and in a friend, who told me last night that she now thinks more carefully about her look when she knows she will see me.

Spring is springing!

Dogwood tree in full bloom.

This dress came today and it’s amazing! From the compostable/recyclable packaging it came in, to the quality construction of the garment, to the way it fit me, to the reasonable price of all that! I will be buying more from Everlane.

Black linen midi dress on a model.

Total score!