Photo challenge, day 21, fall… goldenrod is abundant in the fall.

From this morning’s walk…

Wooden pallet, yellow concrete parking bumper, looking like abstract sculpture against the side of a building.

Beach/oceanscape just before sunrise.

Erosion pattern in sand looking a little like a woman’s vulva.

Broken mollusk shell in the sand.

Landscape of beach and ocean at sunrise.

Pink, vintage like woman’s bicycle.

Goldenrod plants at sunrise.

Photo challenge, day 20, disruption… the recent hotel fire on Block Island caused a lot of disruption to businesses and vacationers alike.

Mostly demolished building behind construction fence.

The Truth of Me :: Essays On Attention Paid

The other night, at photography salon, a young woman blew into the room after we had started reviewing work. She was lugging a pile of material. There was a framed something; there was a massive book; there were images in protective sleeves. She set them down on a chair and walked over to pet Charlotte, the pit bull/boxer mix that had accompanied a salon member.

From this morning’s walk…

Ocean waves coming ashore from a bluff above.

Ocean waves coming ashore from a bluff above.

Old wooden gate and field of wildflowers.

Landscape with house and ocean in the distance. Sun coming up.

Landscape. Southeast Lighthouse sign with lighthouse in distance.

Harborscape with moped, bike and car rental signage.

Demolition site of Harborside Inn, Block Island, RI.

Photo challenge, day 19, edge…

Why would white supremacists stop at hatred of liberal Jewish people?…

September 18, 2023 - by Heather Cox Richardson

Trump has suddenly also become more problematic for the Republicans. On Sunday night,  Trump doubled down on his past antisemitism by sharing a Rosh Hashanah message that celebrated the Jewish New Year by accusing “liberal Jews” of voting to “destroy” America and Israel.

And this… it would be laughable and embarrassing if it weren’t so dangerous…

September 18, 2023 - by Heather Cox Richardson

What the House Republicans have managed to do recently is to try to appease the extremists by launching an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, claiming that he enriched himself through his son Hunter’s business dealings when he was vice president. McCarthy had to open the inquiry himself, without a House vote, because lacking any evidence, he didn’t have the votes to set such an inquiry in motion.

White patriarchal desperation in action… it will either bring the country down or be put to bed for a long time to come…

September 18, 2023 - by Heather Cox Richardson

Extremists in the Freedom Caucus insist they will not agree to any budget that accepts the deal McCarthy cut with Biden. In addition, although appropriations bills are traditionally kept clean of volatile issues, the extremists have loaded up this year’s appropriations bills with so-called poison pills: rules that advance their attempt to impose their ideology on the country but are unacceptable to Democrats.

From this morning’s walk…

American flag in window in clapboard wall of building.

Oil slick on water.

Dirty white tarp over object with rounded ends held on with a rope tied at the middle.

Green tarp over rectangular objects with rope and yellow power chord on dock boards in front.

Reflection of fishing boat cabin in water.

Photo challenge, day 18, fabric… gauzy fabric in rainbow colors tied around a post to celebrate Gay Pride Week on Block Island.

Bonus photos from this morning…

Reinforcing bars on a wooden pallet. Bars running horizontally across the frame.

Concrete barrier with wooden pallet on the ground in front of it, on an asphalt paving surface.

In line for breakfast sandwiches at the Old Post Office Bagel Shop…

From this morning’s walk…

Red scooter in front of a tree and concrete curb.

Flattened drink can on an asphalt surface.

Crater in a parking lot with low angle sun casting a shadow across most of the bowl of the crater.

Landscape with two old houses, a pond, and dock with a couple of boats tied up to it.

Small garage/residential structure with outdoor furniture in front and big oval sign saying “My Oyster” above the garage doors.

Landscape with wooden bike rack, marker post and sign in front of a trail access across the dunes to the beach.

Gay pride flag, hung between two posts with decorative carvings, in front of a building.

Photo challenge, day 17, intense… after days of stormy weather, the sunshine seems more intense than usual.

From this morning’s walk…

Nautical rope weaving around telephone pole. Gauzy red, yellow and blue gay pride fabric tied over rope.

Electrical utility boxes covered with stickers in a grassy landscape.

Rental cars waiting to be rented. Cloudy skies above.

Coke vending machine with large image of a bottle of coke standing next to a building with Block Island Ferry schedule on its side.

Pile of tires on a plastic pallet.

Photo challenge, day 16, oof!… a few weeks before we got to Block Island the historic Harbor Side Inn went up in flames. Nobody was hurt, but the building and businesses were a total loss. Oof!

Art show opening that was really a party for artists and their friends… as it’s gay pride week here, the colorful disco effect was in order! We’ll go back and see the artwork tomorrow!

Laser light show at an art opening. Light beams shining through the crowd.

Laser light show at an art opening. Light beams shining through the crowd.

Photo challenge, day 15, red… get your aviator on!

Yesterday, scenes from a crossing…

Ocean and storm clouds, horizon line tilted up to the left.

Ocean and storm clouds, horizon line tilted down to the left.

Ocean and storm clouds, horizon line tilted up to the left.

From yesterday…

Front end of a car, boats in background.

Line of cars on a ferry.

Ferry porthole, land and sea beyond.

Woman at a table. Two beers on the table.

Yesterday, waiting for the ferry, interesting clouds…

Photo challenge, day 14, statue… meet Rebecca, Block Island feminine spirit for forever!

Time to un-harsh our mellow…

… trapped on the ferry as one of the dogs has a bad case of diarrhea in the car… this will not go down as one of our better crossings…