My first time making chicken in a terracotta roasting dish. Aesthetically promising…

Love this African colors inspired wallpaper for my iPhone…

Quaker’s Best Oatmeal Cookies Recipe - Quaker Oats

Baking “COVID recovery” cookies for my family on the west coast. My iteration includes raisins (1 cup) and black walnuts (1-1/2 cups). The black walnuts give them a distinctive flavor.

We are what we feel and perceive. If we are angry, we are the anger. If we are in love, we are love. If we look at a snow-covered mountain peak, we are the mountain. We can be anything we want, so why do we open our windows to bad TV programs?

—Thich Nhat Hanh

I’m sure lots of practice was involved in this high school production!

The Trumpinoes starting to fall… fasten seatbelts, a bumpy ride may ensue…

In an alternate universe based on mirroring…

Wires slice the morning sky.

And now we work on being ambidextrous! Just received my lefthand vertical mouse. Not as awkward as I thought it might be.

My mother, brother and sister had their own little super spreader gathering (just the three of them). They are all down with COVID. Fortunately, they are on west coast and I am on east. Everyone seems to be doing tolerably well.

I have arrived at a compromise between my digital and analog journaling. Rambling personal thoughts in analog form are photographed, inserted into my daily note page in Obsidian and tagged for any thoughts or happenings I don’t want to loose track of.

And this also from Recovering the Sacred:

33 And a third of Americans live beyond the saturation point ($30,000 per person), meaning we have more money coming in than does anything for our happiness anymore (again, on average).

Strange statistics from Recovering the Sacred by Jeff Golden

Seventy percent of Americans live above the abundance point ($10,000 per person), meaning we already have all we need financially to maximize our happiness, on average.

Follow the prompt to the menu of our local taqueria… and if it doesn’t work on your device click here.

Black Beans and Brown Rice

This recipe is super simple and very tasty. Perfect for meatless Monday. It features a method for cooking brown rice I had not encountered before. Bake it in the oven. Rice was perfect.

Now that’s user friendly!

My latest long form post which is about movie house marquee’s, analog communication and the joys of living local.

Support local businesses!

A local creek filled with spring rains…

Spring is springing!

Home cured gravlax…

An important piece of American history to remember. A very important read for the present day as so much of what Perkens accomplished is threatened… Frances Perkens and The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

A store where you can have your stringed instrument made or repaired by appointment only!


A Florida principal has resigned under pressure from the school board after three parents complained that an art teacher had shown Michelangelo’s statue of the biblical shepherd “David” (1501–1504) to their 11- and 12-year-old sixth-graders. One parent even said the famous artwork was “pornographic.” The art teacher’s lesson was part of the curriculum’s mandatory unit on Renaissance art.

What is the saying? Red sky at morning? And of course we have to drive across three states today. Worried about the higher elevations.