We are on our way. The day is blustery. A beautiful layered effect ensues…

If there’s a boat in the background you can safely bet we are waiting for the ferry to/from Block Island. We are on our way out for a 2 1/2 week stay!

Photo challenge, day 13, glowing… captured this glowing glassware early in the morning a few days ago!

From this morning…

Wedding dresses in a bridal shop.

Directional signage at an intersection. Wires and utility poles in background.

Interior of a restaraunt in the morning. Beverage case in the back lights up the scene.

Close up of garment with checkerboard fabric and checkerboard button.

Trumpet type pink blossoms. Unopened blossom extending from upper left corner to middle of picture. Opened blossoms in background, out of focus.

Silhouette of tree branch and buildings. Looking up at the sky.

Women’s pink sweater and botanical print fabric pants on a mannequin in a shop building. Wires and trees reflected in window overlayed.

… every morning I sit in the same spot, in the same coffee shop, and am harassed by the same fly… it’s like we have an appointment…

Photo challenge, day 12, panic, as in, can I call this fire station a “house of panic?” Metaphorically speaking.

I have no idea why, but if technology hell is going to visit me or my wife, 9 times out of 10 it’s my wife, which means all 10 instances of tech hell visit me. She’s not computer illiterate. She’s had Macs since the first one was made. Long before I arrived. Things happen to her that never do to me.

I’m 68, my time is precious! :: Essays On Attention Paid

I am not the only customer having this sort of experience. There have been big problems with Central Hudson’s billing practices. There is a Facebook page dedicated to it. There is a class action lawsuit in progress. The phrase, “I’ve been Central Hudson-ed,” has become a thing.

I’m 68, my time is precious! :: Essays On Attention Paid

This week, a new struggle with a corporation arrived. Central Hudson, provider of our gas and electric service, lobbed a $1400 bill over our virtual transom. No, we didn’t consume $1400 of gas and electric in one month. We have solar panels that provide about 90% of our electrical power during the summer. And we only use gas for our stovetop to cook, our oven is electric. So no, there is no way we could have used that much gas and electric in one month. Or even several months.

The Remarkable Story of the Horsewomen Warriors of Afghanistan ‹ Literary Hub

Khanoumha?!" shouted one of the youngest men, who had only just registered that he and his companions were being attacked by a group of women. Mina used that brief moment of confusion to pull a knife from her boot and fling it at the man’s chest. In less than a second, he was on the ground, gushing blood. His mount, the first of the enemy horses to defect, came running out of the circle toward where Louise and Khosrow II were waiting. With trembling hands, Louise coaxed the wild- eyed animal to stand next to her horse, whose calm presence worked to still the new member of the herd.

From this morning’s walk…

Art toy figures in a gallery window.

Elongated rectangular patch in concrete sidewalk running from top to bottom of frame. A primitive vibe to the shape and scene.

Fire escape ladders and balcony hanging off the front of an old building. Silhouetted against a cloudy sky.

Display shelves loaded with art glass bowls, plates and glasses.

Sunoco gas price signage with gas station in the background. $3.799/gal cash, regular gas. $3.889/gal credit card, regular gas.

Wide angle streetscape with delivery tractor-trailer on left edge of picture and residential/commercial building with bridal shop on ground floor to the right.

Silky orange evening dress, with gathered waist, hanging in a vintage clothing shop window.

Photo challenge, day 11, retrospect… in retrospect, I should have paid more attention to The Velvet Underground when I was young…

From the past couple of days…

Wires against a cloudy sky, running from bottom right of center to top left of center.

Branches and leaves silhouetted against a cloudy sky.

Transparent, folded, umbrella on a wicker chair.


Pink silky dress on a headless mannequin in a shop window, overlayed with reflection of buildings, wires and sky.

Steel chair upside down on a table in a restaurant.

Succulent plant in an office window.

Buildings at the end of a dark tunnel.

Trumpet type pink flowers against a leafy background.

Photo challenge, day 10, cycle, as in re-cycle…

Everything old is new again…

Don’t madden my mind


Don’t harsh my mellow

–contemporary slang found on a sticker

Photo challenge, day 9, language… as in these language building blocks… 📷

From yesterday…

Closeup of blue and white spiral stripped straw on concrete pavement at a door threshold.

Temporary banner sign advertising Krispy Krunch Chicken shop in commercial strip mall beyond.

Woman’s pink knit top on mannequin in shop window.

Box full of detritus, painted arrows and detritus scattered on the concrete pavement.

Bridal boutique storefront in the morning sun.

Photo challenge, day 8, yonder, as in, that yellow boat over yonder…

Photo challenge, day 7, vertical panorama…

Heather Cox Richardson

Today on Trinity Broadcasting Network, which senior NBC News reporter Ben Collins says bills itself as the largest Christian television network in the world, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee opened his most recent episode by saying that if former president Trump loses the 2024 election because of the many indictments grand juries have handed down concerning his behavior, “it is going to be the last American election that will be decided by ballots rather than bullets.”

Such is the anxiety of the patriarchy…

From this morning’s walk…

Streetscape with trees, cars, utility wires and mountains in the background. Early morning.

Picnic table with parking lot in the background and debris left by picnickers.

Tropical plant leaves through a window with condensation on it.

Top of arch and pediment of a building with a plant peaking over the edge of the pediment and then sky.

Knot of a plastic bag containing bread.

Child’s fairy wings in a shopping basket in a shop.

Photo challenge, day 6, well…

From this morning’s walk…

Crumpled kale-like leaf on the grass.

Streetscape with dry cleaners store front and neon “cleaning” sign behind security gate.

Flowing glamorous dress in a shop window.

Colorful pinwheel decorations and books lying on the ground for people to take.

Mannequin with rust colored sundress in a shop window with sky, wires and buildings reflected in the window.

Waterfall viewed from above.

“Don’t harsh my mellow” sticker on a sign post.

… made with my Nikon… every time i bring it with me i think there is no other camera i should shoot with…

Day 5 of the photo challenge, from the archive, forest:

The Terrifying Rod Ahead?

I don’t think Robert Reich is being liberal alarmist here. Among the suggestions he makes about things we can do is moving to a battle ground state. Hmmm… we could rent our house out and spend a fun year in, say, Ohio?

The question we must all ask ourselves, I believe, is what can we do between now and the election to help save American democracy?