From 2024-03-15…

Shadow selfie on concrete sidewalk with utility box in grass on the side. Scene illuminated by street lighting.

Alley between buildings, end of alley illuminated by security light.

Female mannequin head with hat and scarf in shop window.

Dark skin color mannequin with metallic scarf and multicolored jacket.

Vintage shop window display with statue, mannequin, table, objects on table.

Bust in a vintage shop window with cut glass and pearl necklaces. Other vintage objects arrayed around.

Elephant themed coffee set sitting on table with lace tablecloth in a vintage shop window.

Parking garage concrete pavement with yellow support columns in the back of the scene at the top of the frame.

Close up of yellow concrete column with wooden picket fence in background.

Branches of a flowering tree illuminated by security lighting against a dark sky.

Yellow flower growing out of a crack between building and boardwalk.

Spill of some kind on concrete pavement with tire track, looking a little bit like an ice cream cone squashed flat.