From 2024-03-16…

Interior of coffee shop illuminated by table lamp and street lighting.

Composition of stair, cmu wall, chain and handrail illuminated by security lighting.

Bulletin board mounted on side of building with a circular shade pendant light illuminating it.

Concrete parking lot bumpers, one knocked askew. Bumpers at top of frame.

Streetscape, landscape with driveway between buildings illuminated by security lighting.

Conical shaped evergreen tree with van parked beyond visible beneath and on the right side. Tree is silhouetted against morning sky.

Landscape of shrubs and weeds with corner of building visible beyond on the upper left side. Building corner illuminated by security light.

Ladder, leaning against one story building, chair underneath, trash bin silhouetted in the foreground by building security light.

Paper drink cup with plastic top sitting on a stone surface, illuminated by artificial lighting from above.