From 2024-03-18…

Elevator hall in a residential building.

Flowers on a tree illuminated by street lighting against a dark sky.

Branch of evergreen tree running from upper right to lower left. Early morning sky, trees and buildings silhouetted against it, in the background.

Parking garage entry with grid of square columns in the distance, fluorescent lighting on the ceiling. Garage is empty.

Stairway to parking garage below, illuminated by lighting from the parking garage.

Buildings against early morning sky photographed from courtyard between buildings.

Shadow selfie on concrete paving block grid.

Tree branches illuminated by street light above. Light source visible through branches.

Evergreen tree silhouetted against the morning sky.

Two evergreen trees with buildings below silhouetted against early morning sky.

Rectangle post light and aluminum grill walking surface below. Light post at top middle of frame.

Water surface reflecting dawn sky.

Small dingy boat moored to aluminum grid dock, water beyond.