Walkway and canopy centered in the frame with garden and seating on the sides.

Air conditioning compressors in a concrete well behind a building, illuminated by security lighting.

Electric utility box, pole, illuminated by street lighting.

Signage for Eagle Harbor Waterfront Park surrounded by shopping cart and bicycles.

Park bench stair, building column and corner of building illuminated by security lighting from the building and on a pole near the bench.

Evergreen tree with circular shade security light. Security light illuminates the trunk and a branch of the tree.

Wood and steel park bench sitting on concrete with park landscaping behind. Illuminated by security lighting.

Landscape with foot bridge, fencing, utility buildings, illuminated by multiple security lights on posts.

Branch of a tree running from upper right to lower left of frame, water surface reflecting early morning sky can be seen through branches.

Chain link fence industrial shelving and utility building at top of steep bank illuminated by security lighting.

Line between water surface and bank curving from top right down to middle bottom of frame. Water reflects dawn sky, rocky bank visible at lower left, illuminated by security lighting.

Short steel beams painted orange lying in a pile on ground behind a chainlink fence.

Large plastic barrels marked salt arranged in 4 rows running from middle of horizontal frame towards the top left of the frame.

Fence railing running from upper right corner to bottom middle, concrete paving on right of fence and railing, landscaping on left.

An arc of 4 landscape lights embedded in concrete walk running from bottom left corner to upper left corner.

Illuminated display end wall of a museum building against the early morning sky. Exhibit displays and banners visible.

Vertical illuminated “Agate” restaurant signage against a building wall finished with horizontal wood boards.

Streetscape/landscape of car approach to Bainbridge Island Ferry. Puget Sound and mountains visible in the distance.