Five Transcendent Films to Watch by Oscar Nominee Ryusuke Hamaguchi, James Balmont, AnOther

In a 2021 interview with MUBI’s online magazine The Notebook, Hamaguchi spoke of a profound experience he felt while watching director John Cassavetes’ film Husbands in his twenties: “For some reason watching those people on the screen, I felt as if their lives were more real and vivid than my own.” I can scarcely think of a better quote to describe the works of Hamaguchi himself. And that is what makes him the most exciting “new” director to emerge from Japan in years.

… oh man… a three hour must see film, with subtitles… argh!… hard enough for me but with H’s poor eyesight, it’s really tough on her… but how exciting that a foreign language film actually has a chance to win not just Best Foreign Film, but Best Film award at the Academy Awards?…