Notes On Attention Paid

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02 JB on Going Home

a long post by JB on going home… lots of pics, lots of quick stories, family, friends, food, a travelog… riffing with pictures, none of it trying to be too, or even at all, profound, just normal shit that people do when they visit home in NJ… his low craft post made me think a little about this blog… what am i doing with it?… why am i doing it at all?… it feels right, i like doing it, but there is very little notice paid… JB has a group of fans like me that will look at what he writes every week… i keep trying to not want fans, but don’t succeed… we all want fans, don’t we?… even when we pretend we don’t… anyone so secure in their skin that they can say they don’t need or want fans probably has lots of them…