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… i have been looking for ways to use rhubarb as a savory ingredient… i am not big on deserts because i am on the edge of pre-diabetes and because i can think of many ways i would rather consume the excess calories (hello cheese course!)… last night i made a rhubarb and spinach salad which called for poaching the quince and reducing the poaching liquid to make a dressing for the salad… the dressing was delicious, the rhubarb mushy… tonight i did a salad that called for pickling the rhubarb and using the pickle juice as part of the dressing… i much preferred the pickled rhubarb which softened a little but largely retained shape and crunch while gaining sweet-tart flavorings… it was combined with lovage (in lieu of celery) and fennel… i think celery would have been a little better… lovage is a strong flavor which overwhelmed the fennel… however, i think rhubarb and lovage would be lovely by themselves…