Hey! It's me, Sven. Thanks for beta testing 🔭 Search Space. Here are some nifty features to play with:

  • 💡 Suggestions are a thing. Start typing, and you will see what I mean.
  • ❤️ Emojis are valid search terms. How often do you 😂, 😭, or read 📚?
  • 🔗 You can link to search results like this.
  • 🪆 Searching for mac will return results like MacBook and machine.
  • 💬 Replies are indexed as well. Try searching people's usernames to find conversations you had with them.

Follow @sod for updates and puppies. Hit me up if you find any bugs or want to chat.

P.S. Search Space and my other plug-ins are passion projects released to the world for free. That said, donations are always welcome if you get value out of my work.

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