From yesterday…

Closeup of blue and white spiral stripped straw on concrete pavement at a door threshold.

Temporary banner sign advertising Krispy Krunch Chicken shop in commercial strip mall beyond.

Woman’s pink knit top on mannequin in shop window.

Box full of detritus, painted arrows and detritus scattered on the concrete pavement.

Bridal boutique storefront in the morning sun.

Photo challenge, day 8, yonder, as in, that yellow boat over yonder…

Photo challenge, day 7, vertical panorama…

Heather Cox Richardson

Today on Trinity Broadcasting Network, which senior NBC News reporter Ben Collins says bills itself as the largest Christian television network in the world, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee opened his most recent episode by saying that if former president Trump loses the 2024 election because of the many indictments grand juries have handed down concerning his behavior, “it is going to be the last American election that will be decided by ballots rather than bullets.”

Such is the anxiety of the patriarchy…

From this morning’s walk…

Streetscape with trees, cars, utility wires and mountains in the background. Early morning.

Picnic table with parking lot in the background and debris left by picnickers.

Tropical plant leaves through a window with condensation on it.

Top of arch and pediment of a building with a plant peaking over the edge of the pediment and then sky.

Knot of a plastic bag containing bread.

Child’s fairy wings in a shopping basket in a shop.

Photo challenge, day 6, well…

From this morning’s walk…

Crumpled kale-like leaf on the grass.

Streetscape with dry cleaners store front and neon “cleaning” sign behind security gate.

Flowing glamorous dress in a shop window.

Colorful pinwheel decorations and books lying on the ground for people to take.

Mannequin with rust colored sundress in a shop window with sky, wires and buildings reflected in the window.

Waterfall viewed from above.

“Don’t harsh my mellow” sticker on a sign post.

… made with my Nikon… every time i bring it with me i think there is no other camera i should shoot with…

Day 5 of the photo challenge, from the archive, forest:

The Terrifying Rod Ahead?

I don’t think Robert Reich is being liberal alarmist here. Among the suggestions he makes about things we can do is moving to a battle ground state. Hmmm… we could rent our house out and spend a fun year in, say, Ohio?

The question we must all ask ourselves, I believe, is what can we do between now and the election to help save American democracy?

2024, A Pivotal Year? You Bet! :: Essays On Attention Paid

As relieved as I was, I also knew we had only stopped the advance of the threat of authoritarian rule at that moment. We had not turned it back. As has been clear for some time, hard right conservatives had no use for a democratic republic form of government.

From today’s walk…

Artisinal toy creatures from

Sunrise clouds above a residential building.

Sticker on an iron pipe for <a href="">@izzy</a>

Three cigarette buts on asphalt and concrete pavement. The line between asphalt on the left, and concrete on the right runs at a slight diagonal from top to bottom in the middle. Cigarette buts are arrayed along the line.

Sunoco gas station pumps on the right, convenience store on the left, sunrise sky above with fair-weather clouds. Made with very wide angle lens.

Graffiti on top of blue newspaper dispenser box. A sticker with the word “free” on the lower edge of the dispenser top. Concrete and asphalt paving below.

Six empty Stella Artois bottles standing next to a concrete curb in a parking lot. The left most bottle has a plastic cup inverted over it.

Day 3 of photo challenge, precious: This vase is both beautiful and, at $1k, precious. 📷

Day 2 of the photo challenge, buildup…

September 1, 2023 - by Heather Cox Richardson

Today’s attempted restriction of those who are supposed to be equal citizens from leaving extremist states raises a whole factory of red flags.

Really important read from HCR this morning…

September 1, 2023 - by Heather Cox Richardson

Meanwhile, Republicans continue to focus on ending abortion, and their determination is leading them to assert power over citizens of Republican-dominated states in a way that is commonly associated with authoritarian governments.

I love especially, “By a Lover of Her Sex.”

Photo Challenge Day 1: Abstract 📷

Having a rancid morning. Getting nothing done. Technology resisting me. Foul mood as a result. Maybe I should go back to bed.:(

From yesterday…

Cloudscape on a stormy day.

Sunoco gas station on the other side of a street.

Front end of a car with cracked adhesive residue.

Rectangular stone slab running diagonally across frame from lower right to upper left. Grass.

Wildflower going to seed.

From yesterday…

Streetscape. Gas station and convenience store.

Brick wall painted gray, steel fence gate painted blue, curb painted red and yellow stripes.

Bug sticker on a steel column painted blue with graffiti. Sticker says IZZY.TATTZZ.

Woman’s floral print dress with horizontal lace bands at 1-2 foot intervals and buttoned bodice.

Plant branches with small oval shaped leaves alternate spaced either side of branch.

Landscape of trees, weeds and vines with fire escape ladder running from bottom to top of frame on the right side. The right side of the ladder is covered by the vines.

Idalia intensifies to a dangerous Category 4 hurricane ahead of its landfall on Florida’s Gulf Coast - CNN

Hope M.b peeps in Florida have found refuge from the storm. Thinking about you.

D.H. Lawrence on the Hypocrisies of Social Change and What It Actually Takes to Shift the Status Quo – The Marginalian

A rich man with a beautiful house is like a jewel on a leper’s body…. Our business is not in jewellery, but in the body politic…. What good is it to a sick, unclean man, if he wears jewels.

–D.H. Lawrence

Got a card reader that allows me to transfer images from my Nikon to my iPhone and iPad for editing. Travel game changer!

From yesterday…

Interior of vintage clothing store with soft glow of table lamp illuminating vintage items and a soft blue light reflected off the window at the left and right edges.

Signage for Vails Gate Laundry &amp; Dry Cleaning.

Landscape with “tree of heaven” sapling in foreground, clouds and mountain in background.

Chainlink fence post with three clamps one on top of the other clamped to nothing.

Brick will of building, window with floor lamp on the right, railing leading into the frame from middle bottom to middle left, street, car and buildings in the background on the left.

Restaurant courtyard with hearts chalked onto the brick pavers, tables and chairs, deflated balloons in the background.…

This is an amazing song…