Some photographs from this morning’s walk along the beach and the beach road… Beach and ocean, early morning, cloudy, overturned life guard’s chair on lower right of frame.

Pile of rope, partially buried in sand.

Beach grass shoots in side of sand dune. Wind swept patterns in the sand.

Boulder at the base of a bluff. Erosion valleys running down the bluff.

Dividing line between bluff with erosion control measures and bluff without.

Deep hole dug in the sand.

Translucent body shell and legs of a dead crab.

Wooden stairway up into dunes with ropes strung between posts to prevent entry.

White ribbon tangled in shrub branches.

Waterway in grassy marsh.

Path to beach across dunes. Sign with rules. Wooden bicycle rack and marker post labeling entry. Dunes are covered with grasses and shrubs.

Beach pavilion building at State Beach, Block Island, RI, viewed from across the road.

Shove stuck in the sand next to top of concrete cylinder.