From this mornings walk…

Verdant landscape with a medium fog. Grass in foreground. Stone wall and shrubs in middle ground. Trees and the roof of a house in the distance.

A dock and its reflection inn water moving from lower left to upper right of frame.

House on a point of land with large rocks on the embankment below and water in the foreground. A small fishing boat passes in the distance. Fog softens the light and scene.

pies of tires on a wooden dock with ropes draping down, against a concrete wall, water and docks and boat inn the distance on the left.

Docks, boats and buildings in middle distance. Water in the foreground. “Mobil” painted on the end of a white building.

Small motor boat on a wooden dock section on dry land. Bottom of boat and motor encrusted in mussels and other marine life.

Harbor-scape, wooden docks and pilings in foreground, boats and landscape in background. Water reflecting everything.

Boats and docks and pilings, water in foreground, houses and landscape in the distance.

Boats and docks and landscape and water.

A boat in dry dock, a piece and trees, in foreground. Water recedes to landscape and houses in the distance.