From this morning’s walk…

Crocuses emerging in a dark gardenscape.

Wooden traffic barrier tipped on it’s side in a strip of grass between a sidewalk and parking lot.

Empty package of chocolate sea salt nuts on asphalt paving.

Metal grate over drainage basement in an asphalt road surface.

Mattress lying in a puddle with trees reflected in the puddle.

Broken umbrella weight disk with debris in an area of grass and mud.

Landscape with building ruins on the bank of a creek with rapids washing by in the lower left corner.

Waterfall near the foundation of a building on the left. Falls look a little like the trunk and forehead of an elephant.

Rapids cascading from upper left to lower right with a little bit of buildings ruins on the bank in the upper right corner.

Cigar On Main, Smoke On Main, circular shop sign projecting off a brick column in the facade of a storefront.

Blue balloon/lantern with narrow gold ribbon dropping from the bottom like the tentacles of a squid or jellyfish.

Green plaid jumper and solid blue shirt combination on a mannequin in a shop window.