From a few days ago…

A cloud at dawn with parking lot security light in the lower left corner, still lit.

Tissue paper, grass and concrete closeup.

Rosie pink clouds at dawn.

U-Haul trucks in a parking lot at dawn.

Liquid stain on a concrete sidewalk running from top middle of frame to bottom middle of frame. Joint pattern of sidewalk rotated counterclockwise about 30 degrees.

Metal half dome bowl upside down on concrete sidewalk. Bowl positioned at top of frame with equal distance to top, left and right edges of the frame. Frame is a 2x3 rectangle.

Translucent packaging plastic gathered in such a way that it mimics a waterfall in the center of the horizontal frame.

Clouds above silhouetted buildings. Clouds illuminated from below by the sun rising to a golden glow.

Oranges on an orange plant in a shop window.

Three delicate flower decorated teacups in a shop window.

Antique beaded necklace on a mannequin with botanical print dress.