From this morning’s walk…

Wet brown paper bag on wet concrete pavement.

Empty stepped shelving unit in a shop display window.

Scaffolding support and ladder with yellow caution tape tied around them to prevent walking underneath.

Goose and mushroom lamps in a children’s toy store. Lamps illuminating the scene.

Tibetan singing bowls in a shop window.

Closeup of a brick wall that steps back from right to left and throws a shadow onto the wall to the left.

Graffiti on a green postal staging box.

Childs ballet tutu in a shop window.

Close up of pink slip like blouse with leaf print and green leather jacket on a mannequin in a shop window.

Red chinese new year lantern in a shop window with reflections of buildings overlaid.

Lit up Christmas tree in a shop interior. Lights of the tree illuminating the space.