Shadow selfie on hood of a car in the early morning. Streetlight is source of light. Frost on the hood of the car.

Hood of a BMW with frost sparkling in the streetlight illumination.

Frosty white car parked on street in the foreground, buildings and predawn sky in the background.

Multicolored plaid cloth mask on concrete pavement.

Selfie in the left lobe of a neon heart in a shop window.

South American type feminine mask, painted and decorated.

Fine art plastic monster in a gallery window.

Old fashioned undulating metal lamp shade and clear glass bulb lighting the scene. Shop interior blurred background in deep shadows.

Mushroom lamp in store. Wooden child’s rotary telephone in foreground.

Blue metal Highlands Current newspaper dispenser box on sidewalk next to a utility pole.

Demolition landscape with steel beams, bank vault, concrete slab outlining the footprint of a building torn down.