From a few days ago…

Early morning landscape/streetscape with mountains in the distance, utility poles and streetlights receding into the distance and houses in silhouette to the right.

Crumpled brown paper bag on asphalt pavement illuminated by streetlights.

Low rise residential buildings silhouetted against the sky, Venus hovering above the buildings.

Utility poles and wires against a dawn sky.

Light through a gap between a building corner and a shrub.

Streetscape reflected in a window with a lighted sign with two keys and the words “Key Me” hovering above the buildings of the streetscape. The sign is shining through from behind the window reflecting the streetscape.

Utility pole with wires running from bottom to top of frame and silhouetted against the early morning sky.

Lawn waste bag ripped open and contents exposed lying on the ground, patches of paved surface similar in shape to lawn waste bag looking like stepping stones out from the bag.

Colorful leaves on the ground.