From today’s walk…

Artisinal toy creatures from

Sunrise clouds above a residential building.

Sticker on an iron pipe for <a href="">@izzy</a>

Three cigarette buts on asphalt and concrete pavement. The line between asphalt on the left, and concrete on the right runs at a slight diagonal from top to bottom in the middle. Cigarette buts are arrayed along the line.

Sunoco gas station pumps on the right, convenience store on the left, sunrise sky above with fair-weather clouds. Made with very wide angle lens.

Graffiti on top of blue newspaper dispenser box. A sticker with the word “free” on the lower edge of the dispenser top. Concrete and asphalt paving below.

Six empty Stella Artois bottles standing next to a concrete curb in a parking lot. The left most bottle has a plastic cup inverted over it.