From yesterday…

Silhouetted branches of a chestnut tree with most of its leaves gone and a scattering of chestnuts hanging from the branches.

Subtly striated cloudscape running diagonally from lower left to upper right. Soft gray, yellow, orange predawn colors.

Glass antique vase in a shop window with reflective silver inside and a gradation of dark to light turquoise green from top to bottom. Vase is circular with sides widening out uniformly two thirds of the way down, then gently curving down and in to the narrower base.

Blouse and pants on a female mannequin in a shop window. Blouse is white cotton knit. Pants are a rainbow circles print with shades of dark to light blue making up the rainbow swirls.

Yellow woven purse in a shop window.

Purple and orange matte finish large scale beaded neckless in a shop window.

Brick wall with window, signage, car vacuum vending machine, garbage can, on or in front of it. A rectangular shadow of a building projects in from the lower left corner, the shadow of a street light projects in from the lower right corner.