From yesterday…

tropical house plant with big heart shaped leaves, behind the window of a shop, sky and street light reflection overlaid

glad cat sculpture in a shop window, cat looking up, tail erect

yard scape with brick building extending from left side of frame three fifths of the way into the frame, gray house with siding on the right side in the distance, palm plants peaking above a fence with cross hatched pattern, a refrigerator and a series of colorful wood boxes lined against the wall of the brick building

two large heart shaped leaves lying against the ground, the leaf on the left is green, the leaf on the right is golden yellow

street scape, gas station, sign with gas prices in the middle foreground, evergreen shrub in the foreground on left side of frame, gas pumps in the background between the supports of the pricing sign, edge of convenience store in the background between the evergreen and left support of the pricing sign

plastic ziplock bag containing wet clothing, water drops condensed on the inside of the bag…

display in a woman’s clothing store with an enormous brimmed straw hat hanging on the wall on the right, shelves and clothing on the left