plant and flower pots in an office window shot from the outside, venetian blinds drawn up above the plant and pots

display in shop window with women’s eyes looking out from a rectangular card

watermelon sitting on table in a restaurant various furnishings and accessories arrayed around the edges of the frame

wood board wall finish and yellow, blue, orange linoleum floor tiles in vertically running stripes with a stack of chairs on the right edge of frame and reflections of street and feet and legs of photographer overlaid

chain link fence and white aster flowers

brick building wall with two windows, the one on the left with a cat photograph hung on the inside, the one on the right with a dog image hung on the inside and a faded painted sign running from top to bottom on the right third of the frame

looking down on a creek with foam collected in a cove, rocks and plants from the right corner of the frame and bridge railing and pier running from the left corner diagonally to the middle of the lower edge