From yesterday…

closeup of demolition site fencing with dust control fabric tied to a fence post, concrete slab, ground and plants visible through the dust control fabric

pile of metal demolition debris on asphalt surface with trees and weeds in the background

rack of women clothing in a shop, a vertical red striped mini dress, stripes narrow and spaced 3-4 inches apart

small water fall photographed from above

closeup of discarded brewing grain (hops?)

close up of rectangular concrete sidewalk surface with square patch where a pedestal used to be, chain link fence on the lefthand edge of the frame

row of colorful bold sunglasses, in a shop window, stickers on the window running around the lower and right edge of the frame, black lives matter sticker with three fists in the middle of the lower edge of the frame

cat’s eye green sunglasses head up by mannequin hands and arms in a shop window