I have been getting the Nikon out lately… a noticeable difference in image quality… I think I may stop being lazy… from yesterday…

aluminum ladder in a space under construction, sunlight streaming in from the light across the floor and the lower two rungs of the laser

children’s fancy dresses in a range of pastels hanging on a rack in a children’s boutique

woman’s abstract print dress in orange brown and blue hanging on the wall in a women’t clothing boutique, sun streaming across it from left to lower right

upholstered armless chair with beige print fabric in a vacant lot with weeds

arrow arum plants at the edge of a stream, sunlight falling across, reflections of the undersides of the leaves on the water surface

Queen Anne’s lace bloom in the sunlight with additional blooms and foliage in the background

blue/gray silk sundress on a mannequin form with blurred leaves from a plant in front screening the lower part of the dress