From this morning’s walk…

Streetlight against blue sky and clouds. Street light cuts across upper right corner of frame and is lit.

Matching floral print blouse, belt and shorts. Print is varying shades of red on pink striped background.

Medalla Premium Light 12 Can box on asphalt pavement. Box is shades of yellow leaf motif background with “light” in script letters, white with black outline. “Premium” is white sans serif lettering on red stripe. “Medalla” is navy blue stylized sans serif lettering with white outline above the red stripe.

Interior of women’s clothing store with off white dress on a mannequin in the window and on the left and a sundress of similar color hanging on the wall from a hanger.

Succulent plant, gray/blue, draping over the edge of a terracotta pot.

Queen Anne’s Lace blooms in various states of unfolding.

White cloth gently undulating and creased with soft light casting soft shadows across the undulation. Undulations run vertically in the frame.