From this morning’s walk…

View down a street in the early morning with trees on the left and utility pole and wires on the right side and the hazy outline of rounded mountains in the distance.

Image of a white flower, pine cone shaped, with hundreds of florets open or opening. Plant foliage in the background.

Picture of a metal plate with a hinged rectangular access panel at the top, slightly off center, and faded graffiti.

Woman’s sundress, green/brown with beige circular graphic flowers, gathered at the hips and again at the bust, with broad brimmed woven hat on a mannequin. Shot looking up the length of the dress with sky and building reflection on the shop window overlaid.

The morning sun reflected off the smooth surface of water in a stream, the drop off of a damn on the upper right side, ripples in the water on the bottom foreground, dark foliage and trees running up the left side and across the top.

The right arm of a mannequin on a wooden floor surface running from the shoulder in the lower right to the hand in the upper middle.