Notes On Attention Paid

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… i have decided to adopt the eightfold way of Buddhism as my guide to living ethically… the eight fold way is as follows:

  1. right view - that we see clearly where we are heading before beginning
  2. right intention - the resolve to follow this path
  3. right speech - no harm to others by our speech
  4. right action - no harm to others by our actions
  5. right livelihood - no harm to others by our habits and work
  6. right effort - attention focused on the task at hand
  7. right mindfulness - be aware of the mind and body with discernment… practice mindfulness to discern whether your activity might be harmful
  8. right concentration - the dedicated practice engaged in to help bring about awakening

… it seems to have all the bases covered…

… yesterday i did an analysis of my recent purchase choices after the fact and i saw how effective such an analysis would be if undertaken before the purchase… the analysis falls mainly under paths 4, 5 and 6… you can see that analysis here