Notes On Attention Paid

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Miscellaneous readings…

… this AM i have been reading about How Steve Bannon Has Exploited Google Ads to Monetize Extremism; Lauren Boebert Doubling Down on Her Anti-Muslim Bigotry; an anonymous republican standing up to Kevin McCarthy; British Prime Minister Boris Johnson supporting a bill requiring electric charging stations in all new and renovated buildings; the uselessness of travel bans; Predicting Justice Barrett’s First Question in Dobbs; Why the 14th Amendment Does Not Prohibit Abortion; Man Imprisoned for 16 Years for Raping Lovely Bones Author Is Exonerated; AG Meese: Failing to Overrule Roe and Casey “Would Threaten to Destroy the 40-Year Effort to Restrain the Court with the Founders’ Interpretive Principles”; Ancient Insurrections—and Ours