Notes On Attention Paid

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Modern Nature, Derek Jarman

… the first thing i read:

Jubilee was a great success: ‘It was a tragedy that socialism and freedom were incompatible’ drew cheers and the ’50 million copies of Paranoia Paradise sold in Moscow’ had the cinema in the aisles.1

… i look up Paranoia Paradise County”) and discover it is a song first released by Wayne (now Jayne) County… and was part of the soundtrack of Jubilee

… it is so interesting to slowly make your way through a book, diving deeper (made easy by the fab internet)… i begin to realize that a world of context can be invoked by the simplest of references… i suppose i should not be surprised by this, having just finished reading a lot of haiku and having several books of haiku lined up in my reading list… it is interesting that Wayne became Jayne… it fits the story being told by the book…

… as i finish February 1990, DJ has returned to his London flat from the Polish film festival and the editing of Garden is coming to conclusion…

  1. Jarman, Derek, Modern Nature, p 246 [return]