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Myriam Gendron

… Canadian songwriter… review of Ma délire — Songs of love, lost & found… gets an 8.0 on Pitchfork…

 The ambitious new album from the Canadian songwriter features thoughtful and transformative interpretations of traditional music. It is both a meditation on the past and a novel step forward.1

… as i read the review i note that this recording features Chris Corsanon on drums, whom i have heard live when Quinn’s Monday night jazz was up and running… the reviewer invokes Daniel Johnston…

 According to Gendron, what unites the crossbred pieces across this 15-track, 76-minute album are the eternal themes of love and longing. But just as important is Gendron’s own voice, a distinct, clear tool that works on multiple levels. With patient deliberation and gut-level resonance, she often sounds like she’s simultaneously intoning a children’s song and painting a portrait of complex emotion. Some singers approach similar territory—think of how David Berman talked and sang at the same time, how Daniel Johnston treated serious subjects with childlike wonder, or how Haley Fohr uses low tones to vibrate her music—but Gendron’s mesmerizing intonation has no exact parallels. Her voice is often both frank and enigmatic, grounded and limitless.2

… so, it becomes a must listen… i crank it up on Spotify…

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