… Rodman’s Hollow, waning gibbous moon… i srartle a deer who bounds to the far side of the field and is still watching me…

… two women pass with three dogs, Maya, Quora and a name i did not catch…

… humid yesterday and today, i keep thinking we should be done with that…

… plants identified this AM:

  • winged sumac:

  • a tea or aide can be made from it, maple syrup recommended to sweeten it
  • red pine:

  • native to North America
    • hope, pity symbolism
  • frost aster:

  • symbolism, love
  • Canada lettuce:

  • symbolism: Chastity, Protection, Love
  • Northern bayberry:

  • berries have wax that can be extracted and used to make candles
    • symbolism: illusions and appearances; used for visions and divining.

… that was the extent of my plant divining today…