Her Dark Materials

… ran across this excellent exhibition of women artists… the artwork below by Charlotte Colbert most caught my attention, though all of the artwork was worth paying attention to…

Benefit Supervisor Sleeping, Charlotte Colbert

The subject of this portrait is Sue Tilley aka “Big Sue”, the Benefits Supervisor launched into the public realm through a seminal series of paintings by Lucian Freud after the two were introduced by Leigh Bowery in 1990.1

… artists in the show…

The exhibition features works by Alexi Williams Wynn, Alice Anderson, Carolina Mazzolari, Celeste Rapone, Charlotte Colbert, Emma Talbot, Florence Hutchings, Francisca Sosa Lopez, Galina Munroe, Helen Epega (The Venus Bushfires), Jo Kitchen, Jodie Carey, Kristine Roepstroff, Kate Daudy, Misha Milovanovich, Nancy Cadogan, Nika Neelova, Noemie Goudal, Paulina Mischonowska, Pola Wickham, Rannva Kunoy, Sahara Longe, Seana Gavin, Sophie Vallance, Tiffanie Delune, Trudy Benson and Vinca Petersen.2

  1. From Charlotte Colbert’s website: https://www.charlottecolbert.com/benefit-supervisor ↩︎

  2. https://eyeofthehuntress.com/exhibitions/7-her-dark-materials-guest-curated-by-philippa-adams/works/ ↩︎