Notes On Attention Paid

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First Thoughts

… i spent time yesterday sorting out the usefulness (or not) of the various apps i have learned about recently… Obsidian, Good-Task (which seems promising), Workflowy (which i have had for some time), Ulysses… the holy grail is to find a set of apps and a workflow that isn’t a barrier to getting good thinking down and deep exploration accomplished…

… i have never found the app and workflow setup that left me satisfied in both ease of use and organization of production… but i wonder, do i get hung up in the method of production as a means to avoid the hard work of production?… i have a number of quests that, in order to feel better about myself, i need to see through to completion, or a depth of knowledge that i am trying to have… as opposed to dabbling in this and that… so, my main rabbit holes of inquiry…

  • pansychism
    • the idea that all matter is conscious on some level
  • the feminine
    • what it is to be a woman
    • women in photography
      • as subject
      • as photographer
      • as critic
      • as exhibit curator
    • gender fluidity
  • non-fungible token art
    • i like making what i call video stills, ten second videos of a scene that capture a moment in which the now connects to the cosmic infinite, similar to the way a haiku does
  • haiku/micro-poetry
    • reading and analyzing haiku
    • writing #micro-poetry

… for each of the above, i have now set up research folders in Obsidian…

  • photography
    • daily photo walks
    • daily editing of photographs
    • daily sharing of photographs

… this morning, the Heather Cox Richardson Post is about Dr. Robert Moses Parris who learned much and did much… he passed away last week… reading it left me feeling frustrated about my own accomplishments… that they are not greater or more meaningful… i feel i have lots to offer, i just don’t know how to make it available in a way that fits with who and what i am and makes it useful/attractive to others…

… i have quickly come to the conclusion that Obsidian is not for the daily notes-on-attention-paid work… Ulysses works better for that… perhaps it is the thing to use for project specific research… that is what i will try next…