Erwin Olaf

“Palm Springs”, American Dream, Self-Portrait with Alex I, 2018 © Erwin Olaf

another wonderful artist written up by Miss Rosen

_ “I always have to be a little bit angry otherwise I don’t work,” Olaf says with a frankness that underlies the heart of a true revolutionary. A rebellion is driven by love, and a desire to tear down false truths propped up by our current world. “I always get the question, ‘Is it real or unreal?’ With photography, why are we thinking we are looking at reality? Olaf asks._1

… Olaf works in a similar vein as Jeff Wall and Gregory Crewdson

… in addition to the tableau photographs in this article, the full article on Blind Magazine includes some wonderful portrait tableaus…

  1. Erwin Olaf, Miss Rosen: ↩︎