Notes On Attention Paid

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03 So Irritated

… my dog Fiona has become undisciplined… i don’t know why… this morning i walked her round and round the house, waiting for her to do something, anything at all… round and round… round and round… nothing… i finally gave up and brought her back in… within minutes she pooped on the living room rug… i was livid… H says we are going to have to figure out why she is doing that… the only solution i have found is to take her for a substantial walk… i resent that… i want my god damn mornings to be uninterrupted… i want to get up and have a few hours of quiet where i can think and read and write… i have told H that the next time we are out here we must roll up all rugs and put them in the basement… one thing i have learned from our years of dog stewardship is that rugs are destined to get ruined no matter how good the dog… best just not to have any…