Notes On Attention Paid

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01 First Thoughts

… my thoughts this AM, as they have been for most of the last 24 hrs since i was asked to crew on a racing boat, are about the adventure i am about to have… i am nervous that in some way i won’t be up to the task… that i will be overmatched by the situation… not terror, just nervous… which is probably a good thing, stage fright keeps one on their toes, concentrated… P chimed in on my FB post and said they had crewed on America Cup type boats twice and both times the bulk of the crew had no experience… you do what the captain tells you and everything is ok… the winds are expected to be brisk today, teens to low twenties with gusts up to thirty mph, though that is later in the afternoon, we may be done by then… it is foggy this morning… i am wondering how persistent that will be and how it might affect the start of the race… could also be foggy at the house but not at the race…