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08 Malak Matar, Gaza-born Artist

… this painting drew me in…

Malak Matar, “When peace dies, embrace it. It will live again.” (2019)

At age 21, Malak Matar, a Gaza-born artist, has survived three wars and untold trauma. She also recently lived through the 11-day Israeli assault on her city that killed over 240 civilians, including dozens of children. A fragile ceasefire was signed on May 20 between Israel and Hamas, which rules the besieged Gaza Strip. But suffering in Gaza, one of the most impoverished cities in the world, hasn’t ceased. The grief and loss continue with entire families slain; over 70,000 people displaced; widescale damage to property; and continued misery under Israel’s ongoing blockade.1

… her paintings are hopeful, remind me of the primitivism of Picasso, Gaugin…

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