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03 Amos Bronson Alcott

Amos Bronson Alcott via Wikipedia

Human life is a very simple matter. Breath, bread, health, a hearthstone, a fountain, fruits, a few garden seeds and room to plant them in, a wife and children, a friend or two of either sex, conversation, neighbours, and a task life-long given from within — these are contentment and a great estate. On these gifts follow all others, all graces dance attendance, all beauties, beatitudes, mortals can desire and know.1

… and yet, most of us struggle to get these simple things right… making it more complicated than it really is… or are we led by a social and economic construct that really doesn’t want us to realize how simple a matter human life is?… if we did, and we were content with it, wouldn’t we buy less?… the bet of consumptive society is that we won’t…