… which turns out to be…

embrace the change, think carefully about your world, and what you want it to be.

And when you hit a roadblock, go around it, or move it out of the way, gracefully and efficiently.

If you need the clippers, instead of the axe, no worries.

Just grab the tool that’s right for the job.1

… as i ponder this, i think i have lined up the best tools, but maybe not?… between #Ulysses, Wordpress, Micro.blog… the micro.blog site needs to become my NOAP outlet, which then needs to be closed down on my Wordpress photography page?…

  1. Jonathan Blaustein: https://aphotoeditor.com/2021/05/14/this-week-in-photography-the-2nd-annual-advice-column/ ↩︎