… so, AnOther magazine has been particularly interesting this morning… this interview with trans woman Shon Faye caught my attention… i am interested in the feminine, femininity, and gender fluidity and have been doing a lot of reading about it… the podcast, Call Me Mother sounds interesting… she is interviewed by James Greig… in discussing the modern trend of bringing all the various gender alternative ways of being under the common banner of “LGBTQ+” she has this to say:

_ I think the value of it is more as a political coalition than a ‘community’. Even among my own group, white trans women, I still probably have more in common with other trans women who grew up in gay male scenes, than I do with the kind of trans woman who works in tech and identifies as a lesbian. It’s more than just our identity: it’s about our life experiences, who our friends are and where we go out._

We ourselves might really care about these differences, and I think the internet and social media really encourages the idea of atomising your identity. And yes, that’s fine. But often the people who are discriminating against us or oppressing us don’t actually give a fuck about the differences between us, and that’s a key thing to keep in mind. But that said, I wanted a spectrum of identities on the podcast because I realised that these histories really are unique.1

  1. https://www.anothermag.com/design-living/13226/shon-faye-call-me-mother-podcast-queer-lgbtq-history-interview ↩︎