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crescent moon in sky

child’s astronaut cutout in grass

@MORT\_art sticker on pipe

crumpled water bottle, Marlboro cigarette butt

plastic band/strap on sidewalk in uroboros shape

vines in bushes shaped like a man/woman

leaf on pavement with water drops

leaf on gravel

stone pavement tiles, grid pattern

shadow self with tree shadow

The “Democratization” of Everything: On Conflating Democracy and the Market

In twenty-first-century America, whatever you care about will be used to try to sell you something.

Nothingness! To accept the great nothingness of life seemed to be the one end of living. All the many busy and important little things that make up the grand sum-total of nothingness!

Lawrence, DH; Lady Chatterley’s Lover (p. 54). Samaira Book Publishers. Kindle Edition.

HCR, August 27, 2022

… Burlingame’s speech was once widely considered one of the most important speeches in American history. It marked the moment when northerners shocked southerners by calling them out for what they were, and northerners rallied to Burlingame’s call.

Highly recommend this movie… gets off to a slow and annoying start but delivers down the road. A little violent but not too bad and darkly funny.

Price of gas continues to fall…

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HCR, 08-25-22

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) said: Everyone knows that in a $60 Billion+ European land war, it’s always the last $3 Billion that kicks in the door….” Gaetz had $482,321 in PPP loans forgiven.

HCR, 08-25-22

Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) said: “Asking plumbers and carpenters to pay off the loans of Wall Street advisors and lawyers isn’t just unfair. It’s also bad policy.” Kelly had $987,237 in PPP loans forgiven.

HCR, 08-25-22

Representative Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) said: “We do not need farmers and ranchers, small business owners, and teachers in Oklahoma paying the debts of Ivy League lawyers and doctors across the U.S.” Mullin had more than $1.4 million in PPP loans forgiven.

HCR, 08-25-22

Representative Vern Buchanan (R-FL) said: “Biden’s reckless, unilateral student loan giveaway is unfair to the 87 percent of Americans without student loan debt and those who played by the rules.” Buchanan had more than $2.3 million in PPP loans forgiven.

HCR, 08-25-22

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said: “For our government just to say ok your debt is completely forgiven.. it’s completely unfair.” Greene had $183,504 in PPP loans forgiven.

HCR, 08-25-22

… after a day of Republican congress members railing against yesterday’s educational loan forgiveness… the White House tweeted a thread of those members alongside the amount of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) money those individuals were forgiven.

Invasion on Apple TV+ is pretty compelling…

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Marlboro Cigarette Package

Cocktail In Plastic Cup on the Curb

Woman’s Face

Succulent Plants, Phallus Plant

Liquid Stain on Sidewalk

Shadow of Man and Table on Rocky Landscape

Saudi woman given 34-year prison sentence for using Twitter

If things break the wrong way in the US, could this be our future?

A Saudi court has sentenced Salma al-Shehab to 34 years in prison… for following and retweeting dissidents and activists on Twitter.

Try Trump at the Ballot Box, Not in Court

Trials are too uncertain to risk the republic.

I am on the fence about this one.

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The Workaround

Democracy is the problem that capital is always striving to solve.

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White Christian Nationalism, Out in the Open

White Christian nationalism knows no nuance—it advocates for a society in which minority rule by white, conservative Christians is enshrined, democracy be damned.

Don’t Judge I’m Glad My Mom Died by Its Title

I’ve mentioned the title of this memoir to some people who have… [remarked] that being glad one’s parent is dead is crude and a sentiment that should be kept to oneself.

… i wasn’t glad when my father died, but i wasn’t sad either…